Craig Zimring works with his Healthcare Design Class.

Our Academic Role:
Students Learn From SimTigrate Faculty

Our Academic Role:
Students Learn From SimTigrate Faculty

Our faculty and researchers are an integral part of the curriculum at the College of Design. In addition to specialty research and topical seminars, courses created and taught by Dr. Craig Zimring for 15 years, are now carried on by our faculty leading ARCH 6271 - Healthcare Design of the Future (3 credits each fall) and ARCH 6243 - Evidence-Based Design (3 credits each spring).

The courses are part of the curriculum for the M.S. in Architecture program, with a concentration in Health and Design, and the Ph.D. curriculum with a concentration in evidence-based design.

Healthcare Design of the Future Showcase 2022

decorative image

All Aboard for Aging in Place

Aleksandra Jelenkovic, Emily J. Mosbaugh, Matthew C. Warrington, Elizabeth A. Turac, Paige E. Towler
decorative image

Bathroom Redesign

Blaire Bosley, Mark Chan, Shaun Enwright, Grace Litter, Shreya Sachdeva
decorative image

Chef System

Annie Yining Chen, Sarah Grunert, Ryan Stoddard, Alexandra Rachman, Douglas Dillman
decorative image

Solutions to Reduce Cat-Related Falls of Aging

Katie Davis, Yulim Oh, Zhixuan Zhang, Francis LaRossa
decorative image

Multifunctional Meal Prep Station

Smeya Shirley Deborah, Asia Falkner, Constance Norris Squirrel, Ann-Marie Sills, Jackie Zong
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Cook Guru

Xinyue Zhang, Hayoung Woo, Zhiyong Kong, Yue Zhu, Priyanshi Shah, Archi Shah

Healthcare Design of the Future Showcase 2021

Ten student teams (their final projects linked below) focused on improving the mental and behavioral health crisis  experiences, collaborating with current SimTigrate Design Lab research. 



Leah Baldocchi and Kayt Dayton

care connect


Sarah Churchman and Bruce Malone

Project Dux

Project Dux

Colin Diggs and Josh Rosenblum

nursing station reimagined

Nursing Station Reimagined

Wanmeng Liu, Yasman Gholami, Omar Mansour

calming center

Calming Center

Tanmay Naik, Allan Woiwood, and Niveda Shanmugam



Malina Hy, Jiaxi Yu, and Jessica Hou



Meiwen Bi, Eun Lim Kim, and Trevor Pope

POD place of destress

POD: Place of De-Stress

Lama Bahanan, Karissa Beveridge, and Kyeungeun Lee

my zone


Vanessa Ahn, Manuel Tapia, and Yassin Watson

eco lax


Kyle Krummenacker, Matthew Levine, and Dhruvi Zobalia

Healthcare Design of the Future Showcase 2020

The Healthcare Design of the Future is an interactive multidisciplinary workshop class that discusses the basis of healthcare design and its future trends. Craig Zimring and Herminia Machry taught students to empower people living with Mild Cognitive Impairment and their care-partners through innovative healthcare designs.

Nine student teams (their final projects linked below) focused on everyday life and healthcare experiences and collaborated with current SimTigrate Design Lab research. 

A woman sits in a hospital room with an empty bed.

The Nature Console

A labeled illustration of hand-held medical device with a screen and arrow keys.

Remote Con-sole

An illustration of a silhouetted man sitting in a medical chair, with the words "Support starts with the chair" on the left.

Support Starts with the Chair

An illustration of a smart watch and a cell phone displaying an app called 'Find the way".

Find the Way

A screen grab of a mild cognitive impairment app that shows possible topics of conversation.


An illustration of a restaurant-type area with a dining table and a wall full of pictures.


An illustration of a dark hospital room with illuminated areas of the floor, walls, and bed frame.


An illustration of a window frame with an outdoor view.


In image of an iPad showing a screen grab of an app called "DozZ".



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