What We Do

We Make Healthcare Spaces More User Friendly

The 5,000-square-foot SimTigrate lab allows us to re-create medical spaces, no matter whether they are in hospitals, doctor's offices or clinics. Working with architects, engineers, medical personnel and others, we help come up with ideas for spaces and environments that are more efficient, offer patient safety, decrease chances for acquiring infections and increase collaboration among staff.

Our approach involves evaluating existing research, conducting our own research, testing proposed solutions in simulated medical environments, validating the solutions in a living lab and translating the solutions for broad applications. We develop tools, data sets and evidence that influence building design, health information technology and healthcare products.

We Improve Settings

Research shows that sometimes just changing lighting or the design of a room can have a positive impact. Patient recovery and well being, as well as staff collaboration, are benefits of these changes.

We Improve Outcomes

Our work doesn't always involve changing the look of a place -- we also influence the outcomes by changing processes. For example, ensuring that hand sanitation stations are in the right place.