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Our Network Is Large and Varied

Our Network Is Large and Varied

We have many partners, but three major players in our network are Georgia Tech's School of Architecture, College of Design, and the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT).

SimTigrate is one of the College of Design's research centers, and our staff teach classes at the College. Over the course of a semester, we visit classes to present projects done by the lab as examples of research. Doctoral, master's, and undergraduate students also have access to the lab.

IPaT connects Georgia Tech researchers and a network of industry, government, and nonprofit partners to create game-changing ideas and new technologies that drive economic growth and empower people. IPaT is a key partner for the SimTigrate Design Lab, providing critical funding and support.

Other partners on campus are the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), the School of Industrial Design, the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, the College of Computing, and the School of Psychology.

Our Off-Campus Collaborators

We collaborate with health systems, nonprofits, industry, academic partners, and architecture firms to improve medical experience and quality, patient safety, and ultimately patient outcomes.



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