Jennifer DuBose speaks at a symposium.

We Present at Seminars and Conferences

We Present at Seminars and Conferences

  • DuBose, J., & Wong Sala, M. (2019). How design research can reveal solutions for safe environments. Presented at the Center for Health Design.
  • DuBose, J. (2019). Lighting research across the spectrum Presented at the Designing the Future of Healthcare Symposium, Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • DuBose, J. (2019). The Power of the Built Environment Presented at the New Landscape for Autism, Wells Fargo Headquarters.
  • DuBose, J. (2019). Lighting spaces for improving the lives of people living with Mild Cognitive Impairment: The new empowerment program for people with MCI at Emory. Presented at the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) 50, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Crews, J., DuBose, J., & Rodriquez, A. (2019). Designing a learning laboratory to empower people with Mild Cognitive Impairment. Presented at the Environments for Aging, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Zimring, C., Fischer, G., & Shah, S. (2018). Frontstage/backstage or open kitchen? Improving primary care teamwork and the patient experience healthcare design. Presented at the Healthcare Design 2018, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Wong, M., Matic, Z., Campiglia, G., DuBose, J., Zimring, C., Shah, P., & Jacobs, J. (2018). Assessing the role of built environment improvements on doffing high-level personal protective equipment in biocontainment units. Presented at the International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases, Atlanta, GA.
  • Wong, M., Matic, Z., Campiglia, G., DuBose, J., & Zimring, C. (2018). Redesigning the biocontainment unit: Improving the safety of healthcare workers during doffing of high level personal protective equipment. Presented at the Health Systems: The Next Generation, Atlanta, GA.
  • Rabner, B., Zimring, C., Shah, S., & Matic, Z. (2018). Inventing the future of U.S. healthcare in a town of 16,000 dwellers healthcare design, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Moore, M., Jasperson, D., Stroebel, R., Zimring, C., & DuBose, J. (2018). Beyond outcome measures: Measuring the difficult to measure – tools to understand and shape transformative change. Presented at the Transform2018, Rochester, MN.
  • DuBose, J., Wong, M. F. S., & Morgan, J. (2018). Automating safety: How design research can reveal solution for safe environments. Presented at the Health Care Design Phoenix, AZ.
  • DuBose, J., & MacAllister, L. (2018). Exploring the concept of healing spaces. Presented at the EBD Journal Club
  • DuBose, J. (2018). Engineering help for cardiac centers: From clinic flow to or design. Presented at the 2018 Joint Conference: Advances in Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease Management, Atlanta, GA.


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