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We Design the Future of Healthcare

We Design the Future of Healthcare

The SimTigrate Design Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab using evidence-based design to improve the medical experience for patients and providers.

What We Do

We evaluate existing research, conduct our own research, test proposed solutions in simulated medical environments, and translate those solutions for broad applications. We develop tools, data sets, and evidence that influence building design, health information technology, and healthcare products.

Working with architects, engineers, medical personnel, and others, we help find ideas for spaces and environments that are easier to navigate, safer for providers, more comfortable for patients and more collaborative for providers.

Our current research is focused on Design for Mild Cognitive Impairment, Infection Prevention and Safety, Lighting in Healthcare Spaces, and Teamwork in Primary Care.


2022 Cognitive Empowerment Program (CEP) Symposium

The Charlie and Harriet Shaffer CEP hosts second research symposium

On Friday, February 11, 2022 from 9:00 AM to Noon (EST), researchers, stakeholders, staff, members, care partners and community members will meet to take stock, move forward, encourage collaboration, and synergize the progress we have made at CEP. Attendees will hear from various researchers and collaborators about the work they have accomplished and what they are planning in conjunction with the CEP members in 2022. In addition, recipients of the 2021 Cognitive Empowerment Program - Innovation Accelerator seed grant program will present their research findings and the 2022 seed grant recipients will introduce their proposals.

a group of students and showcase attendees learning about student projects.

Healthcare Designs of the Future Event

Dec 7, 2021 | 6pm - 7pm

The Healthcare Design of the Future class displayed projects focused on improving the mental and behavioral health crisis experience for patients, families, and staff.

Click the link below to view all the projects and learn more.

Researchers study design alternatives for biocontainment units.

Researchers' Guidelines Could Keep COVID-19 Workers Safe

We produced guidelines that could help protect health care workers as they test and treat COVID-19 patients. The recommendations are contained in a white paper that looks at ways to design biocontainment units so health care workers don’t contaminate themselves when they remove their personal protective equipment (PPE). 


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