Leandro Tonetto

Research Affiliate

Leandro Miletto Tonetto is a professor of design at the Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre, Brazil, co-founder of Zooma Consumer Experience, and has been a visiting professor at the SimTigrate Design Lab. He has developed research projects for organizations such as U.N. Women (Brazil), Dropbox, and Samsung. His research focuses on design for well-being and emotion as a means to foster human development and health.

His work has been published in Applied Ergonomics, International Journal of Consumer Studies, and Quality Management in Health Care, among others. He is a board member of the Special Interest Group in Wellbeing, Happiness, and Health (SIGWell) of the Design Research Society. Tonetto is working with SimTigrate to develop methods for engaging people with mild cognitive impairment in collaborative design, and build a theoretical model for measuring empowerment.