Nurses practice donning doffing personal protective equipment.

We Reproduce Real-World Conditions

Simulations: We Reproduce Real-World Conditions

The 5,000-square-foot SimTigrate lab allows us to re-create medical spaces, whether they are in hospitals, doctors' offices or clinics. The full-scale rapid prototyping kit allows rooms to be built and reconfigured easily, meaning we can study how design changes affect behavior in real time. The addition of furniture and equipment provides a dimensionally accurate physical representation and a better understanding of the impact of the physical environment on design decisions.

The use of low-fidelity, low-cost materials allows for iterative redesign and refinement of environments before real-world design decisions and investments are made. Simulations can detect problems early and create a space where designers, researchers, healthcare workers, and patients can have dialogues that lead to better outcomes.

We have used spatial analysis in several of our projects, including Infection Prevention and Safety, Lighting in Healthcare Spaces, and Teamwork in Primary Care.

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